about us

we are six completely diffrent people who meet by a coincidence. a friend to a friend to a friend.
we al have ideas and reflections about the future but it is hard to start something new by yourself
we become good friends and start to talk about different ideas to change things, to help other people
we combined our heads and come up with the idea to start something new. togheter.

with our contacts we know we could start to work with them and start a business
we are now building a company. it is hard work but for the body and soul its feel great. we know we will go far. and with our heads and diffrent ideas we al feel that we can build something big.

we put our brain and heart in to this and come up with the idea to have a import / export business with event media and education.

we will import and or export what you request us to import / export. if u want a relic from greez we will get it for you. no middle hands, no warhouse where your package will be for a week or two if you are unlucky.
we travel to greez for example and then bring it straight to your door. no detours. No hassle.

we also do event media and education. we make contacts with artist from around the world to bring to a city close to you. help artist to make music videos from scratch and do education for our employs and other business



contact information

Our Company
123 Abc St,
Sesame Lane
Big Country
(12) 1234 1234
(12) 1234 1234
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